What is the Young Philosophers Lecture Series?
The Young Philosophers Lecture Series was started by Andrew Cullison in 2008 at SUNY Fredonia. Starting in 2014 it moved to DePauw University, and is jointly sponsored by the DePauw University Philosophy Department and the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics. The philosophy department will invite young philosophers (persons who have recently received their Ph.D. in philosophy) to give campus talks. Each young philosopher we invite will deliver one research presentation and one introductory-style presentation geared toward an audience with absolutely no background in philosophy. We will bring 3-4 philosophers to campus for a 2-day symposium. On the first day, speakers will deliver introductory level talks. On the second day, speakers will deliver their research talks. Check out our Call for Papers. Contact Andrew Cullison, the director of the series, for more details.

Video of both the research talk and the introductory talk will be posted online so that anyone may view the talks.. We hope this will turn this lecture series into something that genuinely serves young philosophers by giving them experience and massive exposure to the philosophical community. This should also serve professional philosophers by giving them easy access to the work of some of the best new up and coming philosophers. By having each young philosopher also give an introductory talk, we will serve people who have a more casual interest in philosophy.

Something for EVERYONE
The Research Talk
This will be geared toward professional philosophers and upper level students. Think job talk at a research institution. If you’re a philosophy die-hard, the research talk should be up your alley.

The Introductory Talk
At DePauw University we want to give the community (and the rest of the world) some introductory resources to get started thinking about philosophy. That’s what the introductory talk is designed to do. These talks should be pitched at an introductory level and will presuppose no background in philosophy. If you’re new to philosophy, the introductory talk should suit you. We suspect there are a lot of you out there who will be eager to watch/listen to both.

Are You a Young Philosopher?
Your age is irrelevant to whether or not you are a young philosopher. By “young philosopher” we mean someone who has received their Ph.D. in philosophy within the last6 years. We will also consider submissions from exceptional graduate students who reasonably expect to defend this Spring or Summer. If you’re interested in presenting, then check out our Call for Papers! Speakers we invite will be given a small honorarium.

Does the submission need to be in ethics?
No. Submissions in any area of philosophy are welcome.